Hi everyone!

I haven’t forgotten about Bare With Me. I’ve just been focusing my energy on new and exciting experiences that will challenge me, stimulate me and hopefully, reenergize my entrepreneurial spirit.

I’m starting my own cosmetics line, 3:27 Cosmetics! This is something that I’ve wanted to do since 2012. I actually started talking the talk in 2015, when I officially registered my company, but became discouraged because of adulting issues. I stopped working on it for almost two years and started it up again in November (hence my last haul post). I’m still adulting and have issues, but I’m no longer going to allow those issues to stand in my way.

I encourage anyone reading this to live your dreams and don’t let fear overcome you and your potential.

It’s a risky road that I’m embarking on, but I’ve always embraced risk. I’m excited for this new chapter in my life. I invite you to follow me on my journey via my personal IG @gnvas and the cosmetics line’s IG @327cosmetics .

Cheers to having dreams and living them!

xo Genevia

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